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Ashley & Drew 

Katie and Geoff

Marie and Vincent

Shania and Caesar 

Tammy and Alex

Ashley and Soheil

Erika & Perry

Danica and John

Priscilla and Chabe

Cory and David

Shabnam and DJ

Gabi and Angelo

Coronado Marriott Resort and Hotel and Our Lady of Rosary

Kaelyn and Pedram

Marissa and Ernie

Kaitlin and Matthew  

Craig and Maureen

Travis and Xenia

Ivane and Anthony

Marissa & Dylan

Ashley and John

Alexis and Marcos

Shaylyn & Uriel

Marlee and Tim

Nathaniel & Melisa

Sarah & Ryan

Fairbanks Ranch County Club

Janelle and Brendon

Moniker Warehouse

Angela and John

Amanda and Carlos


Lisa & Justin

Cape Rey Carlsbad

Ron and Kaitlyn

Lindsay and Frank


April and Robert 

Danielle and Ben

Immaculata and Sheraton Harbor Island

Annie and Dave

Aly and Nick

Krystal and Jonathan

Sarah and Victor

John and Nikki

Natalie and Nick

Danielle and Ray

Alta and Granton